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The 7 Phases of Change

Lose The Weight For Good With The Seven Phases of Change
The process of losing weight requires change; in lifestyle, routines, and habitual choices. One of the primary reasons you’ve fail when attempting to lose weight is that you haven’t planned for the phases of change you will experience as you begin the process of transforming their body. Let’s do something about that. Join me in exploring the Seven Phases of Change, and take control of your weight for good!
Phase One: Acknowledgement
Phase one is about honesty. You must clearly define the habits that aren’t working for you, and make a commitment to change. (For example, eating a pint of ice cream in front of the television will not help you reach your goal weight. Going for a walk with a friend will).
Phase Two: Excitement and Skepticism
In this phase you begin to believe that you just might be able to do this. You’ve identified your obstacles, and you’ve started to make some changes. This will feel great. Inevitably, your feelings of excitement will mingle with skepticism. After all, when you’ve spent years losing and gaining the same ten pounds, you can start to believe that they’re going to be a permanent fixture in your life! Still, in this stage your excitement should outweigh your skepticism, and you will enjoy the process of starting to make changes in your life.
Phase Three: Rebellion
When you are in rebellion you will have a strong desire to break “the rules” of whatever program you’ve adopted. This could mean that instead of hitting the gym you hit your fridge with a vengeance; eating everything that isn’t nailed down (or healthy). Admit it, you’ve done this before.
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In Phase Four you decide that you will invest your time and energy in learning about why you do what you do, and how you can make permanent changes in your behavior. This requires education and self-inquiry. Find out why you’re doing what you’re doing, and identify what you need to address in order to make a permanent change.
Phase Five: Anger and Questions
While this phase can be uncomfortable, it is an incredibly important part of your journey. At this point you will connect with feelings of anger and disillusionment as you realize how simple it can be to develop healthy food and exercise habits. When this becomes clear, you’re going to realize that you’ve been sold a bill of goods by the diet industry, and this is going to make you mad.
Go ahead, allow yourself a moment or two to feel frustrated. Then, get over it. Nothing productive will come from you finger pointing, marinating in resentment, or feeling sorry for yourself. You are in charge now, and that means you can begin using your newfound knowledge to create new results in your life. In fact, you can use your anger to spur you on!
Phase Six: I’m Free!
Your feelings of freedom will bring you great joy, as well as some grief, in phase six. When you recognize that you have successfully made a life change, you will feel a sense of freedom unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Your joy will be overwhelming.
At the same time, it’s normal for you to experience simultaneous feelings of grief. After all, the changes you’ve made will materially impact the relationship you have shared with one of your most trusted friends; food. After all, food has been a constant and predictable form of security and sustenance in your life. When you realize that you cannot rely on eating to meet your emotional needs any longer, it is normal for you to feel a bit sad. Allow yourself to process those feelings. Then, refocus on your freedom and joy!
Phase Seven: Conditioning
Finally, your cycle concludes with your commitment to stay on course. Turn your new behaviors into trusted habits, and you will embrace a lifetime of health, fitness, and energy. Enjoy!

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Tenderizing Meat and Other Uses For Home Exercise Equipment

Almost everyone has bought home exercise equipment at some point in their life, be it a few rusty dumbells at a garage sale all the way to a complicated new home gym.
But how many people continue to use it consistently? Here are some uses (that you should never, ever actually take seriously, of course!) you may not have thought of for your forgotten purchases.

Dumbells – The original dark basement booby trap.

Dumbells make great children’s toys. They are, of course, heavier and more dangerous than a barbie doll or Play-Doh ™ and are not really as exciting as a video game but they certainly are cheap and hard to break.
Tenderizing meat – bash the meat with the dumbell repeatedly. Great shoulder and arm exercise too! May increase the iron content of your food significantly.
Bowling – set them on end and use them as pins. You will need a really heavy ball for this.
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Roll cage for a toboggan – for the safety-minded parent. Protect your child from the heartbreak of a rollover accident on the sled hill by having him or her carry this while going down. Nevermind that they won’t be able steer because they’re holding onto the thing…
Tenderizing meat – lay the meat down below the head rest and rock violently back and forth on top of it.
Baby toy hanger – nothing good on tv? Hook some old christmas tree ornaments from the top crossbar and set your baby underneath. You’ll both be amused for hours!

Thighmaster ™ – popularized by Suzanne Somers, no closet is complete without this device. You simply set it between your legs and squeeze!

Keeps doors closed – jam it in the corner behind a door. When you open the door, it squeezes the spring. When you release the door, the stored tension closes the door automatically behind you! At 40 miles per hour!!!
Tenderizing meat – set the meat on the counter, squeeze the Thighmaster shut with your hands then release the spring on top of the meat like a bear trap.

The Ab-Doer ™ – This is the chair-like ab training device that resembles a chair with no back.

Tenderizing meat – of course, to accomplish this you’ll have to throw the meat at it really hard.
Playing practical jokes on drunk friends – sit them in the machine then tell them to watch you as you run around it a few times and you’ll see what I mean.
Pretending you’re Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise – set phasers on “useless.”

The Bowflex ™ – This is a popular home exercise machine that utilizes the incredible power of bending things to sculpt your body.

Conversation piece – the classic display of this machine in the corner of your living room is sure to spur discussion. “You have how many payments left on this thing?”
Tenderizing meat – remove one of the bows and slap the meat silly with it.
Burglar deterrant – set the machine in front of a ground floor window with all of the bows rigged up to the latch. Be sure the thief signs a waiver before attempting to open the window, however, as he’s going to get up to 410 pounds of resistance right where it counts.

Electric Ab Training Belts – Electrocute your way to a flatter stomach!

Unfortunately, they aren’t very good for keeping your pants up, so that’s out of the question.
Place mat/food warmer – somebody running late for dinner? Set their plate on it and turn up the juice!
Memorabilia – write the words “Golden Gloves” on it and set it on the mantle right next to your “Big Mouth Billy Bass ™” singing plastic fish!
Tenderizing meat – set the meat on the counter, place the belt on top of it, turn it to the highest level, then lean down on it with all your weight as it tenderizes and sears at the same time!
Driving safety gear – your spouse have a tendency to get sleepy at the wheel? That’s a thing of the past when they’ve got the belt on and you’ve got the controls in your hand…

And last but not least, every piece of equipment that has handles, bars, hooks, stacks, pins, corners, rails, seats, clips, stands or attachments and does or does not come in a box…


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Talking To Your Emotions: How To Heal Your Life Quickly

What most people don’t realize is that emotions are real things. The word E-Motion means energy in motion. Emotions become real the second you create them. However, where most people go wrong is they suppress them because they feel no right to have those feelings on an unconscious level. So then they bury these feelings and they sit there and grow waiting to get your full attention. These emotions become real like people and want to be honored and acknowledged. The more you ignore them, the bigger they impact your life because they want you to pay attention to them. If you keep hiding them or suppressing them, well, then they say ok…I will get your attention soon enough.
So, the key is to feel your emotions completely. If you have to cry for days then cry, if you feel like being alone then tell the people in your life you want space. Feel your emotions in their full capacity. They then fade into nothingness because they have been honored, felt and expressed. If you can really master this you can have dramatic shifts in your health, career, finances and relationships in a short period of time. This above all else will get you to optimum health and an amazing life faster than anything else.
Life events come into your life to teach you something. The Universe is always steering you where you are meant to be. When you resist and fight to have it your way, well, then you will get zinged because sometimes what your EGO wants is not what the Universe (Creator) has in store for you. It is kind of like getting into a raft and then letting the current of the stream take you for a ride. You don’t have to paddle or apply any effort. The energy of the water is carrying you. However, when you try to go against the stream or go upstream as many people want to do in life, well, you end up exhausted, angry, bitter and completely confused. The key is to LET GO & ENJOY THE RIDE.
Essentially, illness, struggle, and drama is not trusting the process of life and wanting to go against the stream. The magic comes when you can learn to trust the Universe and LET GO, really let go and stop trying to control everything in life.
Perhaps, you getting fired from your job was the Universe attempting to tell you that you are now meant to do something else or perhaps it is a lesson of forgiveness and understanding or perhaps the Universe is steering you down a different path because maybe you are meant to do great things in life by helping people. Maybe, there is another profession that you are meant to do that will help more people than you were able to in your last profession.
Can you see this? On a spiritual level, the Universe is always out for your best interest. You must learn to surrender to the Infinite Intelligence that created this amazing Universe and beyond. Do you think that the Creator would cause you to suffer or steer you down the wrong path? The Creator that created everything you see and the perfection of all of it…do you for one minute think that it would mess your life up by pointing you in the wrong direction? IT IS ALL PERFECT.
The EGO doesn’t want you to see that because to see your life that way would mean the end of it…THE EGO,the false self that has taken control of your life all these years.
That is your mission in this life, to merge back with your spirit and surrender all the illusions of the EGO. This is the place of magic, healing, happiness, health, joy and freedom.
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To Your Health

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Stride for Better Health

Did you know that walking is one of the best activities you can do to dramatically increase your level of health?
Many people today are afflicted with “coach-potato-itis!” They come home from work, switch on their TVs and forget that their bodies need maintenance. But one day reality comes crashing through when their doctors say, “You have a problem!”
This article will show you a simple strategy for improving your health through a fun and inexpensive walking program that promises many benefits.
First, it will increase your energy level. Since walking is an aerobic exercise, it helps the heart and lungs become more efficient.
Both PCOPF (the President’s Council on Physical Fitness) and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK) state that a regular walking program can lower resting heart rates and blood pressure. It can help burn excess calories and increase muscle tone too.
Second, walking can enhance your mental health. Taking regular walks can help reduce stress and enable you to sleep better. It can also help relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. When you walk, your body produces endorphins which produce a feeling of wellbeing.
Third, it’s fun! The President’s Council on Physical Fitness (PCOPF) calls walking the most popular form of exercise. It can be very enjoyable taking walks with a friend or loved one or even in groups. My husband and I often take walks at night and discuss our day. It’s a special time for me.
Here’s what you’ll need as you begin your new walk-for-health lifestyle. Purchase a pair of comfortable shoes, sunscreen or a hat and sunglasses. Choose loose-fitting garments. Bring along a bottle of water on warm days.
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persistent dizziness
chronic shortness of breath
high blood pressure
heart problems
chest pain

When you’re ready to begin walking regularly, there are some precautions to take. Walk during daylight hours or at night only in well-lit areas. Be sure to obey all traffic rules for pedestrians. If you decide to wear headphones, make sure you can still hear what’s going on around you – like cars honking. Stop and rest if you start feeling sick to your stomach, dizzy or experience unusual pain.
Try to walk whenever possible as part of your daily activities.

For example, park a distance from stores so you can get some extra exercise going to and from your destination.
Why not visit local parks to enjoy the beauty of nature while you’re exercising?
Check out the neighborhood where you live to find good routes.
On rainy days you can walk in malls instead of doing without your exercise time.
It’s a good idea to make a habit of selecting stairs instead of elevators when you need to spend time in office buildings.
It’s more fun if you have a companion. This is good exercise for dogs too – they love to go for walks!

Experts recommend thirty minutes of brisk striding per day. It’s best to walk every day, but you only really need to walk five days a week. This can be broken down into smaller segments of time – three ten-minute walks instead of one long 30-minute one.
Try to stride as fast as you can without overexerting yourself. You can tell when you are going at a brisk pace because your heart will beat faster and you’ll breathe deeper. However, your heart should not be racing and you should still be able to carry on a conversation.
So get off the couch, put those chips down, slip on your comfortable shoes and start striding your way to better health!
(c) 2004 by Patricia Wagner
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Stress Relief in Minutes

For those who are suffering from stress, just about the hardest thing to find is stress relief. Stress can often continue itself on its own energy and, as it mounts up upon itself, it builds itself into an absolute mental frenzy. Unfortunately, this sort of mental frenzy is ultimately counter-productive and leaves the mind so frenzied that it cannot actually take care of whatever is causing the stress. Thus, stress relief is a way to help the mind attend to the necessities of life.
The first thing you need to realize about stress is that you can get rid of it. In fact, you can control your mind and your emotions and you do not need to hang on to stress. If you learn to get rid of stress all on your own, you will be able to get rid of it that much easier the next time. You control your brain a lot more than you know.
With that in mind, the first way to help give yourself stress relief is with your feet. That is, if something is causing you all sorts of stress, you need to simply stand up and walk away from it. This will give your mind the break it needs to calm down and come to grips with the situation. Simply allowing it to stress you out more and more is simply not a productive plan. So get up, walk away, and give yourself a break.
Once you have walked away, there are several things you can do for stress relief. One of the easiest things is simply cleaning the house. That’s right, vacuuming, dusting, ironing, scrubbing the floors and cleaning the countertops will actually help you relieve stress. Simply organizing messes and cleaning away dirt will help you immeasurably. This is because you will be taking care of messes, much in the manner you want to clean up the messes in your life. By sweeping away the dust and grime, you will be taking charge of your own home and, in a way, removing the clutter from your life by removing the clutter from your home.
Another method of stress relief is through a hobby. This can be model ship building, stamp collecting, or any number of other means to help you keep your mind off of things. Likewise, woodworking or even fishing can help you get some stress relief and clear away the fog of anxiety that can arise from the stresses of everyday life. By focusing on something other than what is pressing you, you can get rid of those piling stresses that threaten to take you over. Hobbies give your mind something to concentrate on. And by concentrating on something completely meaningless, your mind can finally relax and let go of the pressures that build up with every little concern.
For those who like to be a little more active, playing a sport is a great way to relieve stress. Just going outside and shooting some hoops or joining a league can give you stress relief through simple physical exertion. These activities will keep your body active and provide some necessary relaxation to your mind.
You can also get stress relief through writing. By concentrating on what is on your mind and putting it down on paper, it allows the stress to have an outlet. It puts your concerns into words and those words can be either kept or discarded. This is particularly effective for people who don’t have anyone to talk to and need to tell someone about what is going on or even what is going wrong. So keep a diary or a journal and let yourself get rid of your stress by putting ink onto a page.
However, the most important method of stress relief is the method that works for you. Many people like to take a nice hot bath to get rid of stress. Some enjoy playing with a pet. Others find excellent stress relief through meditation. It doesn’t matter what you do, just make sure it works and then make sure that you do it.
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Stress and Concentration

Those who are under stress, yet refuse to get help for it, need to understand the relationship between stress & concentration in order to understand why they need to relax. This is because, at first, it seems though stress is an aid to concentration. However, this is not the case in the long term.
Long-term stress & concentration do not go hand-in-hand. In fact, the more that one is stressed, the less able they are to concentrate. However, people often keep themselves under stress in order to help their concentration, despite the fact that it is doing them absolutely no good. Usually, this is because they believe that stress is helping their concentration.
In fact, stress does help concentration for a short period of time. This is because the body is dumping chemicals into the brain to help it focus and throwing adrenaline into the bloodstream in order to heighten the senses. This helps the body hone in on its tasks and helps it to focus. This is, in the beginning, a good thing. Short-term stress really does help your concentration at first, which is very useful when you need to hammer out last-minute paper for school, a report for your boss, or you need to quickly fix some computer problems that are keeping others from getting their work done. Unfortunately, the short-term effects do not last.
As you spend more and more time under stress, your ability to concentrate lessens. The brain will have fired off so many neurons that it cannot replenish its supply of chemicals that helps the neurons fire. As well, that boost of adrenaline that helps people focus will start to heighten the senses to the point where the brain notices every little thing around, causing you to be easily distracted. Thus, the relationship between stress & concentration becomes an inverse relationship.
The problem, of course, is that the more stress you are undergoing, the more you need to concentrate in order to relieve the causes of the stress. This means that your brain is fighting against itself when you need to get work done. This is what we like to refer to as a bad thing and it can seriously injure your ability to get work done. Needless to say, the biggest cause of stress around is the fact that work needs to get done, so stress becomes a self-defeating cycle.
What can you do to escape this damaging relationship between stress & concentration? Well, there are a few things you can do. The best is, of course, to walk away.
That’s right, just stop what you’re doing. Give yourself a break. Put work on hiatus and do something else. Take a walk, get some exercise, make a sandwich, watch an hour of television. Just as long as you are doing something other than work. This will distract your mind from whatever was causing it stress, which is exactly what you need to do. After all, your mind tends to get used to being stressed after a while, making it less able to let go of its concerns. This means that you need to make a conscious effort to clear your mind, and the best way to do that is to clear all the problems out of your head before you drown in them.
If you are not able to walk away for some reason — let’s say that you are at work and the boss doesn’t like to see people leave their desks — you can still relieve stress and help your concentration by performing a quick relaxation exercise. Simply close your eyes (this helps, but it can be done with your eyes open) and take deep breaths. Concentrate on each breath as it fills your lungs, then concentrate on the breath leaving as you exhale. Focus your attention on your breathing until you are paying attention to nothing else. Then, once you are done, you should feel much more relaxed and able to concentrate. If you do not feel better, repeat the exercise until your mind is clear and uncluttered.
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Stop Taking Blood Pressure Medications with your Doctor’s Approval

I have been swallowing three varieties of blood pressure pills for 10 years. In another month, I expect to be off of them entirely. And that’s with my doctor’s approval.
Some months ago, I was introduced to a relatively new medical science called glycobiology.
Very briefly…the science centers around eight simple sugars. These are not sugars diabetics must avoid. They are food for our human cells.
Think of these simple sugars as you would oil in your car. The oil doesn’t make your car run. However, without it you are headed for a serious breakdown.
Simple sugars function much the same way in your body as oil does in your car. They do not provide healing. They do not make your body run. But without them, you’re headed for a serious breakdown. And that’s spelled D-I-S-E-A-S-E.
After reading about a number of people who were able to get off the blood pressure medication when simple sugars were added to their diet, I decided to give it a try. I had been on the simple sugars for several months so it was time for an experiment.
Without asking my doctor, which is probably a no no, I starting cutting my pills in half. This wasn’t altogether naughty because I have a BP monitor and kept close watch on what was happening.
Click here for more information on The Best Ways to Delete WhatsApp Images on the Laptop 2022. Or click here if you’re looking for information on What Does a Chest Compression Feedback Device Monitor 2022I talked to my doctor and confessed what I had done. I then told him I’d like to wean myself completely off the drugs.
Fortunately, he already knew about the science of simple sugars (glyconutritionals) and was willing to experiment with me. He immediately took me off one of my medications, which was a dollar a pill variety. That alone was worth a small drop in blood pressure.
He will gradually wean me off my other two medications. So within a month or two, I should be rid of them. I don’t know about you, but anytime I can avoid taking drugs without compromising my health, I’m among the first to get in line.
Without getting into a lot of technical stuff, the eight simple sugars are absolutely essential to the communication system of your body cells. When this communication system is working properly, cells can communicate their need for resources such as protein, hormones, etc. The result is healthy cells which create healthy tissue create healthy bodies.
You might ask, “Well how does that work in lowering Blood Pressure?”
The best answer I can give you is, “Pretty doggone well, thank you.” Other than that, you’ll have to dig out the science on your own. A good place to start is However, be warned that this is a technically oriented web site.
If you would like to continue monitoring my road to drug freedom, click the web site link at the bottom of this article. It will provide more non-technical information about the science and provide you with updates on my progress.
Also, don’t hesitate to mention the science of glycobiology to your doctor. He or she may not have heard of it. This isn’t hard to understand when you consider the science involves a food, not a drug. And even though the results are often amazing when applied to someone’s diet, the fact that it is a food passes below the radar of many doctors.
Just remember, you can take the simple sugars without a prescription. They are non-toxic and do not interact with any drugs. In other words, they are totally safe.
You may even want to start the simple sugars on your own and give your body time to recover from years of simple sugar starvation. Then, after a month or two, ask your doctor if you can lower your dosage with the ultimate goal of becoming drug-free.
And speaking of monitoring your BP, excuse me a moment while I check my own.
Yup…hanging in there. It registered 115/69. Scouts honor.
I think I’m ready for another reduction in my medication. Except my doctor is on vacation.


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Sniffing Out Mindfulness: Your Nose Knows

A nose is a funny thing.
We tend to think about our nose only when it is too big, stuffed up, ready to explode in a sneeze, or focusing our attention on a particularly heavenly or nauseating smell. Yet, day in and day out, our nose is working hard for us, creating countless opportunities for mindfulness while preventing us from being mouth-breathers.
It’s impossible to see much of your own nose unless you look in the mirror, but there it is, taking up prime real estate in the middle of your face. It’s the center attraction, but despite its bulls-eye position, it doesn’t get much respect.
Women outline their eyes and lips for emphasis, but use tricky make-up techniques to minimize the nose. Some people pierce their nose for a bit of exotic adornment, but for the most part, the nose is sort of neglected. It harbors little nasties. It runs. It’s, well, a bit offensive.
That’s why I was excited to read Gabrielle Glaser’s book, The Nose: A Profile of Sex, Beauty & Survival. It’s a fascinating and snort-worthy look at this funny-looking facet of our faces. Her nasal passage through history offers some surprising hints of hilarity and dastardly doings.
Imagine my delight to discover that Gabrielle, Queen of The Nose, lives right here in Portland! She was happy to answer my questions in order to help us become more mindful of this amazing appendage.
Question: How did you get your first whiff of an idea for this book?
“My nose has always been a focal point of my life. Whether it was its size (big), its hyperfunction (an acute sense of smell), or its dysfunction (five sinus surgeries and a two-year-loss of my sense of smell), it always made me think in ways I doubt other people’s noses did. When I was small and growing up in rural Oregon, I’d stretch my skin on one side so it wouldn’t be so big in profile. Good or bad smells had the ability to really, really affect my mood. I couldn’t understand how people could smell, say, bad fried food and even consider eating in such a restaurant, when such odors made me want to cry.
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“Probably the most striking things I learned involved the pseudoscience of the nose, and the terrible experiments that were carried out in the 1940s by Ivy League doctors–especially on immigrants and women.
I was also amused to learn how much the physical nose played a role in history. In the 18th century, nasal shape was used to determine psychological characteristics of people, and such ‘methodology’ was even applied when picking national and military leaders.”
If you’re like most people, many of your most vivid memories are inextricably linked to a specific smell. Lilacs in bloom, freshly-cut grass, burning leaves, pine boughs–these conjure very distinct memories of seasons past. Our sense of smell helps us create memories while serving as a trigger years later as we recall them.
The nose is being studied for its role in Alzheimer’s disease. According to Gabrielle, “Though we start losing some of our ability to detect odors as early as age 30, and it is common to suffer smell loss after age 60, a rapid deterioration among senior citizens can sometimes be associated with cognitive impairment.”
Doctors in Portugal are using nasal tissue in adult stem-cell research. Although embryonic stem-cell research remains highly controversial, nobody seems too upset at the idea of a little nose-picking in the name of science.
Imagine the possibility of finding cures for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, paralysis and cancer thanks to our noses. It’s enough to make you appreciate your own olfactory factory–no matter what the size or shape.
Be mindful of your nose. Breathe in and smell the world. Notice your fragrant memories as they waft by throughout the day.
The nose plays a huge role in connecting us to all that matters most. It may lead to some surprising cures for what ails us.
And that’s nothing to sneeze at.

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Why it is we cannot we keep the skin we were born with? Having said that, if we did, it would have to stretch a bit, especially in my case. When we start to get older the most obvious thing to happen to skin is the wrinkle. I’ve got them and I wish I didn’t but then again being a man perhaps I can have wrinkles and people do not notice. I don’t really bother about skin care too much, I don’t have to, I’m a man and I can get away without bothering about my skin too much as long as I keep it clean. The trouble is men tend to notice wrinkles on women. We shouldn’t, but hey ladies sorry we do. It isn’t our fault; we must be designed to be like that, insensitive and uncaring, and because we do notice these things, you worry a great deal about caring for your skin.
So men can get away with it but women cannot. What can you do about it? Well a proper skin care program can help you to work with the changes in your skin which not only affects how you look but also affects how you feel. The skin is the largest organ in the body so a proper skin care program is a good thing to adopt.
A good way to combat drying of the skin is to apply a moisturizer immediately after a shower. If your skin is still damp, not wet, when you apply a moisturizer, this will help to seal the moisture in. It doesn’t add moisture but it does help to retain it. You can also help by drinking water which helps to keep your skin healthy and moist. If your skin is constantly dry though, especially if it is a little flaky as well have it checked by your physician. If you notice a major change such as a new growth, changes in dark patches or to moles visit your physician for a check up, just to be safe.
A major factor in skin care is the effects of the sun so try not to have too much exposure especially during the midday period when the sun is at its fiercest. Use a good sunscreen. Exposure to sunlight also causes a substance called elastin to break down and this can cause the skin to sag. This is a pity, as most of us feel much better when we are out in the sun.
There are many products you can buy which can help you to develop your own skin care program and most of these are reputed to work but there is a lot you can do to develop your own natural skin care program.
A healthy diet will help to keep your skin healthy. Eating a balanced diet especially one which contains fresh fruits and vegetables is good for you and these have now been found to contain high levels of antioxidants. These can help to protect your skin from damage by environmental causes such as day-to-day living which causes a build up of free radicals in the skin. These can be particularly damaging and fruit and veg help in a skin care program. Eating them fresh or only very lightly cooked though is thought to be best though.
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Stretching the skin can, and does, happen though if you take in too many calories. When we get a little overweight our skin stretches to accommodate this and then we diet to loose weight. This is very bad for skin care as your skin can and does sag. If you are younger this is not as much as a problem than if you are older, as younger skin is much more flexible. The easy answer is to watch what you eat and try not to get to the stage where you skin stretches in the first place. In other words try to avoid weight gain as should not be on your list for a good skin care program.
Whatever you choose to do in your skin care program, do your research. Find out what works and what doesn’t, talk to specialists such as store advisors and see if your friends have any special tips.

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Should You Be Taking CoQ10?

In my quest for the “supplemental” truth it seems necessary to explore the qualities of the latest hot supplement topic: Coenzyme Q10. Everywhere I turn these days, I’m reading about the benefits which range the gamut from anti-aging to heart protection. But, is Coenzyme Q10 right for you? Read on!
First: The Claims:
A Rich Source of Anti-oxidants:
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), also known as ubiquinone, has been documented as a rich source of anti-oxidants. In much of the research and articles I’ve read, CoQ10 is consistently thought to act in much the same way that vitamin E does. In fact, CoQ10 has been found in many studies to be much more effective than vitamin E in lowering cholesterol and creating an optimum environment for the cells to create energy. Other strong anti-oxidant qualities include: the reduction in risk of heart disease and regulation of blood pressure.
Stimulates The Immune System:
CoQ10 has also been shown to be an important component in the function of the immune system. It both inhibits bacteria as well as increases immune function. It also increases white blood cell production. In many cases when the body is deficient in CoQ10 (which becomes more common as we age) the immune system becomes compromised. Supplementation can often counteract this.
Anti-aging Qualities:
Studies also suggest there is possible anti-aging effects in CoQ10. It has been shown to slow the aging process through its antioxidant qualities. Anti-oxidants, as we know, prevent “free radical” damage – the instability of cells which causes them to mutate unnecessarily creating everything from sun damage to cancer. CoQ10 has also been noted to increase endurance during exercise and is currently being used as a therapy and reversal for Alzheimer’s.
Click here for more information on The Best Ways to Delete WhatsApp Images on the Laptop 2022. Or click here if you’re looking for information on What Does a Chest Compression Feedback Device Monitor 2022CoQ10 depletion has also been linked to hypertension. Therefore supplementation of CoQ10 is currently being used as a natural remedy to decrease blood pressure. It is also recommended in reducing the risk of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and for prevention of the oxidation of LDL cholesterol which causes plaque.
Oral Health:
Like green tea, CoQ10 has been thought to promote oral health. CoQ10 is supposed – in many studies – to slow or arrest periodontal disease. CoQ10 also protects the gums and heals damage from gingivitis as well as protects teeth from cavities.
Weight Loss:
Obesity can lead to a decrease in the production of CoQ10. Therefore, in many of the studies I found, supplementation of CoQ10 was given to both to patients suffering from obesity and patients looking to manage weight.
The Bad News
What’s the bad news? Not much. There doesn’t seem to be any documented toxicity from supplementing with CoQ10. However, if you are pregnant or a nursing mom it would be best not to take this supplement as the long terms effects have not been recorded. Some reports suggest CoQ10 will decrease the effectiveness of warfarin – a blood thinner, but there is no evidence to suggest it is decidedly so. Finally, the dosage should not exceed 200 mg per day as this – in some cases – has been shown to cause diarrhea and nausea.
Other FAQ’s About CoQ10:
How much CoQ10 is enough to reap the benefits? For Best results (in the literature I consulted) 1, 30-60mg capsule up to 3X per day is a safe dosage when taken with meals. When choosing a supplement, it is important to be sure the capsule is in CoQ10’s natural form which is dark bright yellow in color.
In Summation:
Once again, in this scientist’s opinion, I would mark CoQ10 as being well worth your consideration. Do your homework, however. As with any change in your healthcare program, always consult your healthcare practitioner. If you are on any other medications be sure to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the possibility of interaction. Conduct your own research project. Here are some great resources that will help get you started.
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