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APD Basement Bedroom Ideas to Fit Any Budget

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The basement can be an excellent space for expansion and is generally less expensive to remodel than adding on to a home.

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Those with expanding families or who are looking to increase the overall value of their home often begin looking into a variety of basement bedroom ideas. The basement can be an excellent space for expansion and is generally less expensive to remodel than adding on to a home. Fortunately, great basement bedroom ideas are easy to come by and to create with just a little creativity and careful planning.


After sifting through a variety of great basement bedroom ideas, you will need to give your new space walls. Some homeowners choose to simply place paneling on the walls of the existing basement. While this is an option, it will result in walls that have a thin and flimsy feel to them. The best choice for putting walls up in the basement bedroom is to install drywall. These walls can then be wallpapered or painted any color to match the style and taste of the person who will be using the basement bedroom. Or, paneling can later be installed over the drywall if desired. Installing drywall as a base will result in sturdier walls that are also more capable of holding wall decorations or shelving to add that personal touch to the bedroom.


If the basement has not yet been finished, it most likely has a concrete floor. Concrete flooring has a tendency to be cold on the feet in the morning. To avoid this uncomfortable possibility, carpeting should be your final step in creating your fantastic basement bedroom ideas.

Carpet squares are a great choice for completing your basement bedroom ideas because they are easy to install and come complete with padding and a moisture barrier. To properly install carpet squares, you need to first measure the area carefully. You want to determine the layout of the carpet panels ahead of time so you avoid having small slivers of carpeting at the ends of the room. To cut carpet panels to size, use a utility knife and cut through all layers of the square. Be sure to butt the panels close to each other and prevent fibers from getting trapped between squares. When finished, vacuum the floor to help remove the lines between carpet panels and, voila!, your basement bedroom is finished.