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Buying A Lift Chair On A Budget

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The best way to save money when buying a lift chair is to know exactly what you or your loved one need. It is very important to have the correct dimensions in mind when shopping for a lift chair.

Buying a Lift Chair on a Budget

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Many people today find themselves having trouble getting up from a sitting position. A quality lift chair can increase mobility, comfort, and independence without having to break the bank. The best way to save money when buying a lift chair is to know exactly what you or your loved one need.

Where to Buy

You should only consider lift chairs made by an established company and only purchase from authorized distributors. Pride Mobility Products and Golden Technologies are two of the most established companies in the lift chair business.

Over 90% of lift chairs sold today, are sold via the internet. This is due in no small part by the fact that online distributors can offer lower prices than their brick and mortar counterparts since they do not have the overhead associated with a traditional retail store. When considering an online dealer, be sure to check with the manufacturer to verify that they are an authorized dealer in good standing.

Be careful when considering purchasing a used lift chair. When you purchase any used product you may just be inheriting someone else’s problem. You may save a few dollars up front, but often you end up spending that saved money, and then some, on repair bills. When buying used, you also have the added responsibility of arranging delivery or pick-up from the seller. This can be a chore since lift chairs weigh twice what a standard recliner weighs and will require two people to move.

Most lift chair distributors offer free curbside delivery and provide the un-boxing and setup for a nominal fee. Dealing with reputable distributors will help to guarantee that you will have years of trouble free service from your chair.

Correct Weight Capacity and Dimensions

It is very important to have the correct dimensions in mind when shopping for a lift chair. This can be accomplished by measuring your current standard recliner or any cushioned chair that you find comfortable.
A close approximation of the Back Width, Seat to Floor Height, Seat Depth, and Seat Width are necessary to accurately fit a lift chair to the individual.

Lift Chairs typically have a single motor with a capacity of 325-375 lbs or two motors which can lift up to 600lbs. If you get a chair that is too small then there will be unnecessary wear and tear to the motor and lifting mechanism. If the chair is too large, then the user will not be lifted to the recommended flat footed position.

Lift chairs are available in four different reclining positions. Positions can be changed with the push of a button via a remote that can be mounted on either side of the chair. This makes it makes it much easier for the user to adjust positions than the traditional lever style recliners.

Positioning Levels

Lifting Chairs do not recline and are smaller than reclining models. This makes them more portable and ideal for situations where space is at a premium.
2-Position Chairs offer Straight Back and TV recline. TV Recline is at the right level to watch TV or read.
3-Position Chairs have Straight Back, TV recline, and Full Recline. This provides for a near horizontal recline.
Infinite Position Chairs offer independently operated back and leg movement that allows the user to adjust to any position from straight to sleep recline. With infinite positions you can fine tune the lift chair to find the position that is best for you.

Once you have established the type and size of lift chair that you require, you can make an informed decision and save hundreds of dollars in the process.