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Chamomile – A Natural Sleeping Aid

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This article tackles the area of chamomile wherein it helps depress the hectic and stressful feeling of the body, therefore making the person feel good, calm, relaxed, and ready to sleep. It not only induces sleep, but also helps in settling upset stomachs.

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There is no better feeling like ending a long hard day’s work by lying down and crawling under the cool sheets of a soft bed, closing one’s eyes, away from the harsh and stressful scenes of reality. For many people, the only time that they can be at peace with themselves and be truly alone is during the blissful time of sleep.

There can be a number of things that might interfere with one’s sleep. Stress due to financial or relationship problems, sickness, and even other unknown causes could make a person suffer from sleeplessness. For people who suffer from sleeplessness or even insomnia, the immediate source of relief is often sought in sleeping aids. Still, these people remain reluctant about using such medications due to known side effects. For them, the only thing that matters is to have normal sleep, and wake up in the morning feeling good and refreshed, ready for another day of work — hopefully, without the need to use any chemicals or medicines the night before.

So what are the alternatives to sleep aid medications?

One such alternative is trying an all-natural option called Chamomile Tea. This kind of tea is recognized as one of the best all natural sleeping aid beverages in the market. The typical day at work comes with a big serving of stress. Millions of busy career men and women try to get through the day with a huge cup of coffee. The caffeine is supposed to keep them awake, alert, and ready for the challenges of the workplace. But after office hours, they can try to unwind by sipping the natural sleeping aid that can be found in a serving of chamomile tea. This tea is the perfect counterbalance for settling down the nerves before going to bed. Chamomile tea has been shown to work as a mild depressant, thus bringing the nerves down to a manageable level before trying to sleep. Adding to the depressant effects on the nervous system, this natural sleeping aid can help for those who are having a bad experience with caffeine which can wreak havoc on one’s digestive system, leading to an upset stomach at night, particularly when lying down. Chamomile tea has properties that are known to settle the stomach, as well as the nerves.

There is a little disagreement within the scientific community as to whether chamomile provides the effects that have long been attributed to it. Either way, while they are all out to know more on the exact effects and properties, it woudn’t hurt to give chamomile a try. There are few if any reports of adverse effects about this natural sleeping aid, so perhaps sitting with a warm cup of chamomile and finding time to relax would help.

The best timing for a cup of chamomile would usually be a half-hour to an hour before one intends to go to bed. In addition to chamomile, try avoiding distractions and stimuli. Turn off the television, minimize interactions with other family members, and avoid other things distractive or those that are not conducive to sleep. Reading a book can also be an excellent way to stir up the sleeping hormones.