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Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #37

Tami Close
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What does it mean to vibrate at a higher level of consciousness?
Energy is everywhere. There is no where it is not. Everything has energy. It’s either lower vibration or higher vibration, and we get to make a conscious choice which one we will choose. When we make our choice, then we’ve decided what we intend to attract. It is our decision, no one else’s. No one can make you choose either one. It’s your responsibility.
What does lower vibration look like? All negative energy is lower vibration: hatred, fear, resistance, worry, being offended, frustration, doubt…things that make you feel anxious. Every thought that expresses: “I can’t do it. I don’t deserve. I’m not enough” are all lower energies.
What does higher vibration look like? All positive energy is high vibration: love, gratitude, fun, deep breathing, exercise, music that feeds our soul, shaking your hiney as you dance, nature…things that make you feel great. Every thought that expresses: “I can do it. I do deserve. I am enough” are all high energies.
I can remember having a conversation with my daughter having a challenge with another person. She said, “He makes me so mad.” We then had a lengthy discussion about this statement.
How can anyone make you mad? It’s not possible. The decision was made to connect to lower vibration. You have to own the responsibility of your choice.
It’s beautiful to think in these terms. Each moment we make a decision: Am I going to choose to be in harmony with God, which is higher vibration…or not. You take ownership each and every moment. You have the power to choose.
Which energy do you think brings you closer to your weight loss goals?
Right now, do something that brings you harmony. This will take 1 minute or less. Let’s have some fun. Turn on some music and get up and boogey. That’s right, bring up that vibration of energy. Yes, you’re feeling it now. Even if you’re at work, let loose. You will be the envy of everyone.
Remember, it doesn’t matter what people think. What only matters is this. Am I feeling great? If the answer is yes, then you have made your choice of the two energy levels. Let others make their choice. If they choose to be offended by what you do, you don’t have to do anything with their decision. Bless them and let it go. The Universe will take care of them. It’s that simple.
All you are responsible for is your own power, your choices. It’s all about you. It’s that simple.
Just ask yourself this question: If I intend to lose weight, what do I need to do each day to bring me in vibrational harmony with that decision?
Remember all the tools you have available: Rapid Eye Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, meditation, deep breathing, gratitude, exercise, good nutrition, cleansing and supplementation products from Isagenix, laughing, journaling, affirmations, prayer.
You are your ideal weight and attracting everything that is positive.
I’m proud of you!
Love and hugs,
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