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Cold Laser Technology: How a Low Level Laser Promotes Healing

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You might not know that cold laser technology has produced a powerful yet benign instrument that can promote healing and wellness.

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When you hear the word, “laser,” what do you think of? Maybe the first thing that comes to mind is laser eye surgery, or perhaps you think about laser printers. It could be that laser-guided missiles pop into mind, or maybe you picture a laser pointer or a barcode scanner. What you might not know is that cold laser technology has produced a powerful yet benign instrument that can promote healing and wellness.

How a Cold Laser Works

A low level laser, sometimes known as a soft laser, is often used in cell regeneration. Essentially, the approach in this type of laser therapy comes from an understanding that every cell in the body has a “memory” of sorts. This memory comes from the cells’ polarity. Oftentimes, this polarity prevents the body from being able to regenerate or heal itself. When a healing laser is utilized, however, the cells release their charge and, thus, their memory. Once the cells have neutral energy, the cold laser donates energy to help them rejuvenate.

Systems and Conditions that Benefit

Soft laser therapy can help with a variety of conditions. For example, many people find it useful for pain relief – either acute or chronic – as well as for injuries, weight loss, and smoking cessation. Many others use a healing laser for detoxification, and for reversing the effects of adrenaline, which is known to contribute to pain, stress, diabetes, and aging. A cold laser can also be used for nerve regeneration, organ balancing, and lymph activation. Massage therapists and other healing arts practitioners use a cold laser to align the chakras or meridians, helping their clients to reconnect their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Handheld Devices

Soft lasers are available as portable, handheld devices, and some are designed to be used by both laypeople and health professionals. However, not all cold lasers are created equally. The best have 16 laser diodes in the 650nm and 780nm spectra, as well as a digital interface that is programmable. If you’re shopping for a healing laser, make sure to buy one through a company that will also provide you with a carrying case, a rechargeable AC adapter, and plug-ins for the pulsar probes. Most important of all, make sure that the company will supply you with a training DVD and manual. They should also offer support and assistance, as well as a full, money-back guarantee.

Generally speaking, lasers have a multitude of applications. Everyone from dentists to defense contractors to engravers use them. Thanks to cold laser technology, though, more people than ever before can benefit from the healing light and cellular rejuvenation that laser therapy provides.