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Dieters : When You Feel Like Quitting Janice Elizabeth Small

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As the saying goes “Quitters never win and winners never quit!” but sometimes it’s hard to keep going when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and you know there’s a long road ahead.
If you’re wavering in your latest weight loss goal, ask yourself these questions before you throw in the towel. If you are able to step back and understand what is going on, it will help you to adapt your approach a little, and then get back on track with renewed enthusiasm.
So ask yourself:-
– Why do I want to lose weight? What will achieving my aims give me?
– How will I feel if I quit?
– Am I always quitting before I reach my goal? Why?
– How will I feel if I succeed?
– What is making this so hard?
– What have I been doing (or not doing) to make this more difficult or less successful?
– What’s working ok?
– What do I need to change?
– What do I need to learn?
– What strategies could I use to get back on track?
– How can I adapt this to make it work for me?
– How could I get more support?
– What will help me keep going?
– What will I achieve by quitting?
– What would I do then?
The fact is you can achieve anything you want if you keep going. So if you want to lose weight, just don’t quit – adapt whatever you’re doing, try a new plan, just don’t quit and you’ll get there. You can do this! You really can!