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Retractable awnings combine old-world craftsmanship and technology into a fantastic array of options.

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Retractable awnings combine old-world craftsmanship and technology into a fantastic array of options. Living in California? Retractable awnings with a sun sensor can keep your patio cool and shady whether you are home to open it or not. Living in Texas? The wind sensor offered by Retractable awnings can close the awning while the homeowner is at work when a summer storm blows up. High winds can tear an awning from the side of a house, but Retractable awnings with a wind sensor will close and keep the awning safe. Washington residents will enjoy the rain sensor that will close the retractable awning to prevent pooling of rainwater with enough awning pitch/angle.

Yet no matter where you live, the timer option lets you keep the afternoon sun off your porch in the late day when it s hottest, but not in the morning when it s pleasant. The timer is designed to let the homeowner enjoy the convenience worry-free. Retractable awnings can make a fantastic gift for homeowners to give themselves.

The wind, rain and sun sensors from are a technological dream come true for the busy homeowner. He or she has so much to do between working, running errands, raising families and trying to enjoy quality time. Retractable awnings are more than an investment. They are the ideal in home improvement for every part of the country. The sensors offer freedom and convenience, both of which are at a premium in the modern world.

If that host of features did not make the Retractable awnings an attractive investment, then imagine not having to do detailed maintenance. They are made from the highest quality materials that do not rust or fade (within manufacturer s warranty) and there are no mechanisms to oil. Basic cleaning requires a spray hose from time to time. Simplicity, itself.

Still not totally convinced? There are different types of awnings for different areas of the house. The lateral arm system is the best for families because it opens and closes over the head and is the very best choice for a deck or patio. There s no fear of children running into the side arms. The canopy is ideal for windows and comes in multiple shapes like the dome and half-moon.

Retractable awnings reduce utility bills, improve appearance, and provide shade, as well as improve property values. Homeowners will enjoy a great exterior appearance that also raises the value of the house whether they plan to sell the property in the future or not. It s not hard to imagine why Retractable awnings do well, but there are some who may yet hesitate over the expense.

Cool shade on a hot summer day is a priceless commodity in all parts of the country. A quiet place to enjoy a respite from the day during a warm spring shower is a priceless place. No fear or worries about a windstorm pulling it off the house when out of town, across town or even across the street is precious.

Imagine this; imagine the perfect home with the right color siding, great Retractable awnings and the sense of peace, security and hospitality that surrounds it. Retractable awnings fit into that image neatly. So for homeowners in Philadelphia, Cape Cod, Wilmington, Seattle, Los Angeles, Malibu, Dallas, Boise, Miami and Nashville, finding the perfect retractable awning has never been so simple.

The time to invest in Retractable awnings is late winter and very early spring. After the Retractable awnings are installed, kick back and enjoy the shade for barbecues, evening drinks on the patios or just quiet, lazy afternoons with cool ice tea and a good book to read. Install the possibilities with Retractable awnings and discover the softer side of summer.