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EKCS Improving A Home’s First Impression

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New types of composite railing can improve the looks–and possibly the value–of a home.

Improving A Home’s First Impression

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Realtors say a large percentage of home buyers make decisions about homes before they even walk in the front door. Those decisions are usually based on the initial impression a buyer gets at first sight of a house and yard.

As you might imagine, improving a home’s first impression is an important step in getting top value for your house. Fortunately, simple steps can help. Start by standing across the street and viewing your home with an objective eye. Does it need a paint job? Is the front yard overgrown? Is the roof showing wear? And don’t overlook cosmetic or structural details like the railing around your porch or deck.

Simple upgrades in these types of details can make a world of difference. If your railings need a bit of work, consider installing low-maintenance materials that give a clean finished look. CertainTeed’s Panorama Composite Railing System features the look of freshly painted wood with the durability of a composite, yet requires virtually no maintenance.

The railing is fully wrapped with white polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for a weatherable, colonial white finish that’s impervious to decay and insects. The stylish system also features concealed hardware for a seamless, bracket-free look. Its core is made from a composite formula of PVC and recycled maple wood flour. The affordable exterior upgrade is long-lasting, and because it complements composite, vinyl, wood or concrete surfaces, it can be a quick way to make a great first impression.

The strong weather-resistant system is backed by a 10-year limited warranty to ensure years of beauty.