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L2LL The Changing Face Of DIY Stores

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Do it yourself has changed the way we look at our home to the extent that the small hardware stores have become huge DIY concerns.

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DIY stores have changed massively over the last 20yrs. In fact the very Term DIY did not have the same impact to our lives then, as it does now. Back then when you visited your local hardware store, you spoke to the hardware man over a counter, I say man deliberately, who would then walk into their stores area, try to find your requirements from a very limited choice. Now modern DIY stores are all self selection, contain up to 20,000 lines in stock, covering just about every subject and tools, and you’re just as likely to be served by teenagers, pensioners, male or female than the perceived hardware man.
This change has not just occurred by accident, but to adjust to peoples needs over the years. Now more people than ever own his or her own home, there is a greater need to be different and to have a home to be proud of and of course DIY has become a national hobby.

Labour costs can now outweigh the cost of the products; in fact many prices of some products are actually cheaper than 10yrs ago, yet labour charges have increased several times over. When you consider the differences its not surprising that many more of us are attracted to saving our hard earned money by doing it ourselves. There is a more subtle change though. That is, DIY is now ruled by the female gender. Large organisations now understand that it is the ladies who make most of the decisions relating to the home and this is shown constantly in its customer base. In fact DIY is now a fashion business, with even top fashion designers, designing wallpapers and specific paint colours. The stores are set up to complete a project; say a bathroom or living room. Not just the paint but also the matching wallpaper, rug, furniture, pictures and accessories.

Of course we see our gardens as an extension of our home now also. Plastic furniture is being replaced with wood and aluminum and the barbeque has grown in size to feed the whole street.
Plants are also colour coordinated, and designed to a specific plan that compliments the outside of the home.

They say our home is our castle, but it is now more than that. We now aim for our homes to be our palaces, a place to live our lives to the full, and it seems the DIY store is a favorite place to achieve that.