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STCS Updating Bathroom Furniture

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Looking to update your bathroom furniture d cor without breaking the bank? Simple bathroom furniture additions from bathroom vanities to wall mirrors are an inexpensive way to give your bathroom some pizzazz.

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It s surprising the difference new bathroom furniture can make from the simple addition of a new bathroom vanity or bathroom basin. Sprucing up your bathroom and giving it some pizzazz can cost little money without breaking the bank. By carefully accessing your design needs at the onset of your remodeling project this will save both time and money. By capitalizing on the existing architecture of the bathroom can be beneficial for redecorating on a budget. Before tearing down walls and ripping up floor tiles consider what can be preserved in your bathroom in order to free up money for other necessary purchases.

Applying wall finishes can give tattered walls a unique look by using different techniques such as texturizing with paint and plaster or wall stenciling to hide any imperfections. Cracked ceramic floor tiles can easily be replaced. Whether it is single tile or a few ones, take a trip to a flooring center and have then match the tile with the existing one. If by chance the tile is no longer available, an inexpensive and imaginative solution is to create a new pattern within the existing tiles. Remove a few additional tiles to create a two-toned checkerboard look floor that follows your color scheme and bathroom motif .

Bathroom vanities are often the centerpiece of a bathroom remodeling or decorating project. By changing the bathroom vanity you can add elegance by creating a traditional or contemporary look as well as providing much needed storage space especially for smaller bathrooms. The bathroom vanity should always be the first piece of bathroom furniture purchased. Choosing the right vanity will help you select the correct basin if not sold as a complete unit and will also set the tone for the style of bathroom mixer tap as well as other bathroom accessories such as wall mirrors and other bathroom fixtures.

One of the least expensive and easiest ways to upgrade the look of your bathroom is to replace the basin. With unlimited designs and styles available from the standard white porcelain to freestanding pedestal basins can give your bathroom just the right boost. Aside from the addition of a new bathroom vanity and basin to alter the appearance of the room, other finishing touches can be added such as independent storage units to coordinate with the existing bathroom furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but alleviates clutter.

Both practical and affordable wall-mounted mirrors can beautify the bathroom while creating the illusion of space by adding depth and dimension to the bathroom. Today there is a vast assortment of illuminated and plain bathroom mirrors framed to frameless and in a number of finishes the perfect touch for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. Bathroom mirrors are the most flexible of bathroom furniture pieces, since they are easily suited to adapt with other bathroom d cor without sacrificing style.

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