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Teaching English in China across va
rious age groups

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English has spread it’s popularity to different parts of China. That said, a lot of different age groups are also been exposed to English at some level.

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“China is a great breeding ground to attest the growing popularity of English in the East. Couple of decades ago, the percentage of people who knew English was at a miserable 2-5%. Now, with the globalization of trade, the percentage has jumped up to a much acceptable 50-55%. This includes people from different age groups learning English.

The students section is the most dominant ones amongst people who wish to learn English. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Close to 90% of the age group of 6-18 are into some level of learning English. This is great news for English teaching jobs. Your endeavor to teach English in China as a teacher will be much easier when you hear this. As students have a faster learning curve than others, you can expect to see some really fast results.

The next in the learning group come middle-aged businessman. With China emerging as a global hub for sourcing, a lot of businessmen want to learn English. This is your second emerging audience for you to teach English in China. Plenty of English teaching jobs have been advertised by schools. The scene behind the curtains is that these schools have got a lot of these businessmen enrolled as students.

Last but not the least, the elderly people are also eager to learn English. If you wish to teach English in China by facing a lot of challenges, this is the place you want to be. When you end up teaching elderly people a language that they have never used in their lives, you would realize what you are up to. It requires a lot of patience from you as a teacher. I must say that this is one amongst the English Teaching jobs that will test your skills and your patience to the hilt.

The challenges of English teaching jobs when you look at these age groups are diverse. If there is one thing binding all of them, it is the sincerity of the Chinese to learn English. The Chinese folks know that learning English is for their and their country’s betterment. This could be one reason why your efforts to teach English in China can be considered a lot easier.

All in all, English teaching jobs in China have seen a jump by over 10% over the last few decades. By recent estimates, this is bound to go up by another 20% over the next decade. With a whole cross section of people interested in learning English, your efforts to teach English in China should come for you. I can assure you that if you do the job with utmost commitment, almost instant results are guaranteed.”