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title:Teaching our Kids RITE from RONG – Education

author:Kacy Carr
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

Are we as caring parents doing more harm than good by sitting down to teach our kids what we were taught from our school days? Mum and dads want the best for their kids and encourage them by dedicating their free time to help with their sums.
In some cases it is hard for the concerned parent to find quality time that is needed for their child/children to excel, reasons maybe due to working long hours to put a crust on the table.
There could be a number of reasons as to why mum and dad are handicapped in finding the time to help the kiddies to read and write.
Parents that is fortunate enough to find the time to help the family with their studies.
I ask you are you doing more harm than good.
In some cases there are parents out there qualified to take on the role as tutor for a few hours, then we have the less fortunate like my self who left school with no qualifications. So what right do I have even as a caring parent to teach them what little I know?
One thing For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. I do know is the importance of my children not missing out on the opportunities that I was denied due the absence of having no qualifications.
How we the parents were taught many moons ago differ greatly to how schools operate today.
The 21st century education system presents a complete different scenario.
Modern tactics are used in all places of learnng, how embarrassing having to admit that some mathematical terms that I as an adult can not spell let alone work out as a sum.
I expect I am not on my own in this department when it comes down to today’s educational system.
How lack of education can affect your child’s chances of succeeding in life.
To secure a position of a decent paying job you need skills, most places of employment requires verification that you are the man/woman for the job vacancy. To fill any position today depends on how much paperwork you have under your belt as in i.e. GSCE A/O levels and so on.
If you want to help your kids to achieve then as a caring parent you need to sit back and leave it to the professionals who already have the skills required in this department.
Some parents have a far better understanding of modern day learning so they are exempt, but for those in the same position as myself and want what is best for the family, then may I suggest the internet.
Online education is a fantastic opportunity for you and members of the family to gather information.
The internet is the most powerful tool we have today in modern society
Do not worry about all the stories you hear behind what goes on involving kiddies on the internet. You have complete parental control over your child’s presence when they surf the web. Another plus is the parent need have no computer expertise. But if you would like to learn more about computers then why not go online where you will find information on what there is to know.
Education online is a step in the right direction to give the child a better start in life. Offering the chance to gain extra knowledge may not be greeted with a thank from your offspring at this present moment, but I bet a bottom dollar in years to come they will thank you for it
Before you sit down with the kiddies in the hope of educating them further, remember we have two different generations competing with each other. Live and learn mum and dad this is a day and age where the kids of the 21st century can teach us a thing or too.