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title:Teaching Skills
author:Munir Moosa Sewani
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

This new article has been written for all those dedicated teachers, who want to enhance their skills in teaching.
I hope that this second article of mine would be appreciated.
It’s truly said that
“Children are like a pot of flower. If we’ll give them proper attention, it’ll grow up, but if we’ll give them either lack of attention or extra attention, it’ll be ruined”.
Remember that every student trust us very much. They have lots of expectation from us.Being a teacher, it’s wise to be loyal and dedicated towards our profession.
Love them, care them, listen to them and treat them like you own child.
Always remember that children are very sensitive, So treat them with gentle love.
They notice each and every thing in us; From our dress to our gestures, So always be prepared for every thing.
Children usually ask us many questions and some times we don’t know the answer of few questions. At that moment, just try to be loyal and tell your students that you’ll search it and will tell them tommrrow or day after.In this way you’ll not only gain trust and confidence from your students side, but there will be a strong bond of relation on both the sides too.
Always try to interact with students and never stop them to share their views and ideas.Their ideas might be more resourceful and worthful for us.
For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Never insult any student in front of other students.They might develop a sense of phobia in their mind and it’ll stop their creativity to further enhance.
It’s the foremost duty of every teacher to have a communication with the parents of your students too.It’ll help you to understand your students from all the dimensions.
Always Pre-Plan your lesson plan before going to class.
You are a teacher, so have confidence to face every challenges in your life.
Be a role model for your students.
Do have positive gestures on your face all the time.
Select the leader of your class every week who can help you in handling things etc. This activity will help your students to build their confidence, moreover,try to find out those children in your class who are introversive and make some resourceful plan to activate them in every class activities.
These are some basic tips which i have shared from my experience.This article is the beginning of the journey. There are thousands of more tips which would be shared soon. Till then Byez