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Cool Down with Hot Summer First-Aid

Louise Roach
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When the temperature tops 90 and the soles of your shoes sizzle on the sidewalk, cold therapy is a necessity for summer first-aid. Whether it is ice from your freezer, a bag of frozen vegetables or a convenient commercial cold pack, ice therapy has many more uses than treating bumps and bruises.
Here are five summer first-aid tips for cold therapy:
Chill heat-related illnesses.
During the hot summer months, heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be a problem. Symptoms of exhaustion can include dizziness, weakness, a feeling of nausea, excessive sweating and a shallow, quick pulse. With more serious heat stroke, the skin is hot and dry, and mental confusion can occur along with a loss of consciousness. Cold packs can be used to keep the body cool in excessive temperatures, helping to prevent heat exhaustion. Many athletes cool down after a summer event with an icy cold pack on the back of their necks. If symptoms are present, ice packs along with hydration can be used to lower the body temperature to a safe level. Always seek medical attention in the case of heat stroke as this condition can be sudden and deadly.
Ice bug bites.
Let’s face it, insect bites are a nuisance, causing swelling, itching and sometimes pain. Icing a bite immediately will keep the bug poison from spreading to other parts of the body, reduce swelling and inflammation, and numb the area, lessening the need to itch. Use ice therapy on mosquito, bee, spider, fire ant and centipede bites. If an allergic reaction happens or it is a serious bite, such as from the poisonous Brown Recluse Spider, immediately seek medical help.
Keep pets cool.
Even pets can suffer in the summer heat. Keeping them cool can be tricky. An ice pack wrapped in a towel or beneath a thin blanket might do the trick if they decide to snooze on top of it. Ice cubes are a cool treat that some animals enjoy. There are also commercial products made specifically for horses to ice their legs down after a ride. Special caution should be taken to never use a product containing toxins or one that might easily break, endangering a pet if they decide it would be more fun to play with the ice pack than lay on it.
Cool a Burn.
Getting too much sun or being careless around an outside grill can result in summer burns. For minor first degree burns caused by brief contact with a hot object, water or steam, and sunburn, cool the skin by first holding it under running water, then apply a cold pack to numb the pain. If blistering occurs (second or third degree burns) seek medical help.
Cold treatment for night sweats.
Hot summer evenings can mean intense night sweats for menopausal women. A great natural approach to cooling off when awakened by a wave of heat is to tuck a cold pack into the pillowcase so that it lies at the crook of the neck. Within a few minutes, the heat wave will subside, allowing for a restful night’s sleep.
Make sure you have at least one or two cold packs in your freezer for summer first-aid. Chill out and be prepared!
Disclaimer: This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical treatment or consultation. Always consult with your physician in the event of a serious injury.

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Buying Viagra at Online Pharmacies

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Online pharmacies are the number one choice of many consumers when it comes to a faster and easier means of ordering and purchasing lifestyle prescription drugs like Viagra. Buying Viagra at online pharmacies is in fact what most men prefer to do today when they need refills for this type of lifestyle drug. In line with this, the article provides more information on the intake of Viagra drug.

Buying Viagra at online pharmacies (original: buy online pharmacy viagra

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The fastest and the easiest way to get prescription medications or drugs is by utilizing the services offered by virtual pharmacies found on the Internet today. In these licensed pharmacy websites, you can buy prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, as well as lifestyle medicines such as Viagra.

What is Viagra?

Viagra is a popular lifestyle drug that is used as treatment to erectile dysfunction. This drug is initially developed to increase the blood flow in certain parts of the body as well as relaxes muscles. Now, the drug aids men in their erection problems. Hence, Viagra helps in further improving one’s sex life. Since having a satisfying sexual life is really important among males, Viagra is the best drug choice of most men today.

Known for its safety and efficiency, Viagra is recommended to men of all ages. However, the intake of this drug should be determined by a licensed and competent doctor since diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is required.

Viagra is safe to be taken by men who are also prescribed to take other types of medications. The said drug does not have any negative interaction with certain medications for depression or high blood pressure. However, Viagra is not safe to be taken alongside drugs that contain nitrate.

Where to buy Viagra drugs?

If your doctor gives you a go signal to take Viagra, you can order and buy it at either local drugstores or licensed online pharmacies. Buying Viagra at online pharmacies is the best option for most men, as it is a more convenient, easier, and faster way of obtaining one’s needed medication.

However, you should be careful in choosing which site to get Viagra from, for the Internet is swarming with rogue pharmacies that sell contaminated drugs or medications to their clients. Opt to order and purchase this type of lifestyle drug at authorized and licensed Internet pharmacies to avoid health complications and money losses.

How is Viagra taken?

Viagra should be taken exactly as it was prescribed by a licensed doctor or physician. Never take it in larger dosages or for a longer duration than what the doctor recommends. Intake of Viagra actually varies according to a person’s current erectile dysfunction condition. In addition, remember that Viagra works only when there is sexual stimulation. This means that erection is not possible by just mere intake of the Viagra pill. Do not expect an erection if there is no physical stimulation.

What are the side effects of Viagra?

Just like other forms of medication, Viagra is also known to give notable side effects. Physicians recommend an immediate discontinue of using Viagra and seek medical attention when allergic reactions such as swelling of tongue, lips, throat, and face suddenly occur. Discontinue of Viagra intake is also advised to men who experience numbness, dizziness, and tingling in the arms and neck during sexual activity.

Non-serious side effects of Viagra are the following:

* Headache
* Back pain
* Upset stomach
* Redness and warmth in the chest and neck

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STCS Estimating Roof Price

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Roof price is made up of several factors, that we discuss below, and you should always be careful that you aren t compromising quality or service in order to lower the roof price by a few dollars.

Estimating Roof Price, roof price, price of a new roof, new roof price

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As with any major job that needs doing to the house one of the most important factors that is likely to play on your mind is the cost. Roof price is made up of several factors, that we discuss below, and you should always be careful that you aren t compromising quality or service in order to lower the roof price by a few dollars. Many roofing contractors will provide similarly price quotes but you should always ensure that you are comparing them on a like for like basis and don t forget that the cheapest offer isn t necessarily the best value for money and the most expensive offer isn t necessarily the worst value for money.


Materials will be one of the biggest factors involved in calculating your roof price and while it is possible to reduce the cost by using different types of material you have to remember that this can often lead to a false economy. If using a different material means a saving of 10% on your roof price, but the material will last 30% less time then your best option is to choose the more expensive material. Obviously it is important that you select materials that are hard wearing and good looking where required but are also cost effective. You should have selected a roofing contractor that you have some faith in and discussing the particular materials with him or her will usually give you the answers you are looking for.


Labor cost may vary slightly from one contractor to another but not by very much and it is certainly unlikely to be an area that can be negotiated. Within your roof price will be charges for all laborers including the people who strip your roof and load the skip. Any preliminary work you can do yourself is always advisable and if you are able to do any of the menial work yourself then you should consider this also. You need to check the terms of liability insurance with the roofing contractor first though and agree the tasks you will complete yourself before negotiating a contract. This really can make a difference to your roof price.


This is the area that may have a little room for negotiation but every company needs to make a profit. Get quotes from small companies and from large companies and compare the roof price associated with these quotes. While small companies may not require the same level of profit as the larger companies, they will usually have to pay more for materials and other factors making the bottom line roof price very similar.

Contingencies and other costs

Things can go wrong, even to professionals. Roof work is by no means any different and roofing contractors may include a contingency fund in their quote. This means that if they do come across a problem then they won t need to persuade you to part with more money before they can continue. You should, of course, find out what happens to this contingency fund if it isn t required. You may think you are better off having the contingency fund taken out of the roof price but prepare yourself for having to stump up extra money if you do try this.

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EKCS Bathroom Furniture

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Things have really changed over the years. You now have many upgrades that can be added to you bathroom. Your bathroom can become a place of piece calm after that tough day at work.

It doesn t matter if you just bought a new home or you want to spruce up the one you have, you should invest in your bathroom as it is the place most used. You should first take a step back and think about what you want upgraded and if they match your needs. If you have children you will have …

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Things have really changed over the years. You now have many upgrades that can be added to you bathroom. Your bathroom can become a place of piece calm after that tough day at work.

It doesn t matter if you just bought a new home or you want to spruce up the one you have, you should invest in your bathroom as it is the place most used. You should first take a step back and think about what you want upgraded and if they match your needs. If you have children you will have to consider them as well, you will need a bathroom that is functional and practical for everyone. Think about that before you go out and start buying bathroom furniture.

There are so many options when furnishing and designing your bathroom, the possibilities are endless. There are vast selections of products that are being manufactured, but even if your bathroom is small, you will still be able to find some nice things for it. There is exquisite wall mounted bathroom furniture. Having something that is mounted to the wall can end clutter and give you more space.

Bathroom suppliers can give you the best advice when remodelling your bathroom. They also give you a large range of furniture to choose from and can give you unique styles. You can choose untraditional material as well, from oak, zebrano or beech wood that can give you an elegant look to your bathroom and still be fully functional for the whole family.

Your main objective, when furnishing your bathroom is to obtain a clean look. You shouldn t have anything cluttered and out of place. Have everything coordinated and somewhat matching, from the paint to the tiles. If you have a small bathroom having white or light wood will go great in it. Keeping deep wood tones in bigger bathrooms can help bring out a rich and warm feeling. And you can buy baths, wall mirrors, cabinets and washstands to match your bathroom.

You can create a different look and change your bathroom in anyway you wish. The last thing would be to enjoy it.

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STCS The Use Of Modern Air Purifiers In Today’s Home

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Air purifiers are an important part in today s modern home. They will help rid you of awful odours such as pet and stale cigarette smoke and purify the air that you breathe. They can also help you keep your rooms pleasantly scented. If you suffer from allergic reactions, Air purifiers should give given a close inspection, because they can make a great difference to your life.

air purifier, air ioniser, air cleaner, air purifiers, air ionisers, air cleaners

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Air purifiers are an important part in today s modern home. Air purifiers will help rid you of awful odours such as pet and stale cigarette smoke. Your rooms will be agreeably aromatic. Additionally, air purifiers scrub the air clean and therefore they are highly recommended for fellow sufferers of Asthma or other allergic conditions

There are quite a few types of air purifiers on the market. as a general rule, the distinction comes from the way the air is filtered. You can have an air purifier with mechanical filters made of fibres, or filters containing filtering and air purifying substances, for example charcoal. Of late, there are also Air Ionisers that use electrostatic charges to help clean the air.

What is important for air purifiers is the type of the fibres it uses. They should meet certain standards in order to capture all dust, bacteria, or any other air borne particles. HEPA filtration systems are the best filters you can get however they come with a higher price tag.

A charcoal air purifier as its name suggests, contains charcoal filters. In essence, charcoal is a substance that can suck up and deactivate dangerous particles. Charcoal was often used in gas masks during World War II. And in fact, my Grandmother made gas masks for children during that war, they were in the image of Disney s Mickey Mouse to make them easier to get used to.

Ionisers enrich the home with oxygen and produces ozone. The oxygen particles practically burn any other particle they meet. For that reason ionisers are very good for people who have pet allergy, dust allergy, pollen allergy. Ozone is the reason that I benefited from spending a few years at the coast my Asthma improved considerably.

There are a huge variety of air purifiers obtainable on today s market. When thinking about purchasing one, you should consider the cost of the air purifier, and the running costs of replacement filters. Some air purifiers are really cheap to buy outright, but their filters are costly sometimes filters can cost the same as the purifying device itself. There are filters that can be re-used several times you can wash or clean them in another way, I have a similar system in my vacuum cleaner this is a great cost cutter. Air purifiers are not silent; they contain a small motor and fan to move the air through the filters. You should consider in which room of your home you want to place an air purifier, consider if it is noiseless enough for this room. For instance, if you are thinking about an air purifier for your bedroom, it is vital that you pick one that works silently. For shared areas such as the lounge or the kitchen you can afford to have a noisier one. It is also important to consider that some rooms create more air borne particles than others. If buying a filter for your kitchen, you need to make sure it will cope well in this environment.

Some air purifiers utilise timers you can leave them working when you need them too. This is a vital feature to consider when you re buying an ioniser. Although ozone is harmless, it can be harmful if it reaches certain levels.

Ultimately, regardless of the type of air purifier you use, it is vitally important to ventilate your rooms well. When you have let in the fresh air, you can close your windows and turn on your air purifier. This is the best way to keep your homes air fresh, clean and nicely scented.

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title:How To Choose A College
author:Kelly Gillis
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Your child is ready. He’s kept up his grades and he has decided that he wants the benefit of a college education. It’s decision time. With over 4,000 public 4 year colleges in the country there are a lot of decisions and choices you will need to make.
You can make your decision based on numerous factors, and their importance ranks differently for everyone. What is most important to you? Location? Academics? Sports Programs? Financial considerations?
The first thing that needs to happen is that the student needs to look deeply inside himself/herself and ask “what do I want.” Everyone the student knows will have some sort of opinion or recommendation. These opinions can be helpful, but in the long run the student must make the decision.
Every college is different and offers a different experience.
Some students want a college with an artsy feel. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Others want a college with an emphasis placed on sports. Others prefer academics pure and simple and are looking for an academic challenge. Class size and campus size is a factor for some. Do you prefer a large university campus or a small intimate university setting? Some colleges are located in sleepy college towns, and some near bustling cities. Some students prefer to stay near home.
The college location is another huge factor when choosing. Perhaps the student is looking forward to the excitement of a move out of the house and the independence associated with college and is choosing to study out of state. Is the student ready to share a dorm with a total stranger? It is a fact that 90% of college freshmen have never even shared a bedroom – something that can make the concept of “sharing space” and compromise more difficult.
Finances also come into play when decisions are made about college. Most states award their residents with substantial savings if they attend in state colleges. The cost of an out of state college education rapidly escalates when room and board expenses are added. The student and parents must also consider food and transportation costs for out of state education.
Please don’t forget when choosing any college that there are billions of dollars a year available in scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid available to the parents and to the student to help offset college expenses.

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Carbon Monoxide Levels – How Much is too Much?

Alexandria Haber
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What is carbon monoxide?
Carbon monoxide or CO is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. Due to this fact, it is very hard to detect the presence of CO in your environment. It is, however, imperative that the CO levels in your home are carefully monitored. Even at relatively low levels, CO is poisonous because it rapidly accumulates in the blood thereby depleting its ability to carry oxygen. Extreme cases of CO poisoning result in death.
Where does carbon monoxide come from?
CO is a common by product of the combustion of fossil fuels. When properly installed and maintained, most fuel burning equipment (natural gas, propane or oil) will produce insignificant amounts of CO.
At what level does carbon monoxide become toxic?
For healthy adults, CO becomes toxic when it reaches a level higher than 50 ppm (parts per million) with continuous exposure over an eight hour period.. When the level of CO becomes higher than that, a person will suffer from symptoms of exposure. Mild exposure over a few hours (a CO level between 70 ppm and 100 ppm) include flu-like symptoms such as headaches, sore eyes and a runny nose. Medium exposure (a CO level between 150 ppm to 300 ppm) will produce dizziness, drowsiness and vomiting. Extreme exposure (a CO level of 400 ppm and higher) will result in unconsciousness, brain damage and death.
How to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning

have a qualified technician install and regularly inspect all fuel burning appliances
regularly inspect fireplaces and chimneys to insure proper ventilation
never use a gas or charcoal barbeque indoors
never start a car or gas run lawnmower or snow blower in a closed garage.
install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.



DPC 10 Recommended Value – Adding Home Improvements

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Results from a survey carried out by 100 estate agents across the UK reveal the 10 most common value adding home improvements.

Value Adding Home Improvements

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Results from a survey carried out by 100 estate agents across the UK reveal the 10 most common value adding home improvements.

1) Loft Conversion – 22,000
2) New Extension – 19,000
3) New Kitchen – 10,000
4) New Conservatory – 9,000
5) New Windows – 6,000
6) Central Heating – 5,000
7) New Bathroom – 5,000
8) Re-decoration – 4,000
9) Resurfaced Driveway – 3,000
10) Garden Decking – 3,000

Home Improvements can be a very successful future investment. Figures above are based on typical value and are dependant on the capital invested in your home.

Not only can home improvements add a substantial increase to the value of your property, they also act as a very practical enhancement to your property, especially if you have a growing family or are not wishing to actually move away from where you currently live, as it maybe close to family and friends.

In the table above, the fitting / installation costs have been remove to show the real or true equity increase. i.e. a new Loft Conversion could cost 18,000 and could increase your property value by 40,000, so a true equity value increase, after costs, of 22,000

and similarly,

A new Extension could cost 30,000 and could increase your property value by 49,000, so a true equity value increase, after costs, of 19,000

A new Kitchen could cost 8,000 and could increase your property value by 18,000, so a true equity value increase, after costs, of 10,000

A new Conservatory could cost 8,000 and could increase your property value by 17,000, so a true equity value increase, after costs, of 9,000

New Windows could cost 8,000 and could increase your property value by 16,000, so a true equity value increase, after costs, of 8,000

New Central Heating could cost 7,000 and could increase your property value by 12,000, so a true equity value increase, after costs, of 5,000

A new Bathroom could cost 4,000 and could increase your property value by 9,000, so a true equity value increase, after costs, of 5,000

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Buying stairlifts

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Information on buying stairlifts.

stairlifts, stairlift, stair lift, new, recondtioned

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Stairlifts come in two main forms; straight and curved. If you stairs turn or are spiral then the likelihood an ordinary or straight stairlift won’t fit and a curved stairlift will need to be fitted. It is worth noting that in some cases it may be possible to combine two straight lifts to overcome a turn, which is usually cheaper to install than a curved stairlift. If you staircase is straight then a straight starlift will fit. However, either option will increase you independence in your own home and remove any problems or concerns you have when climbing your stairs.

Once you have established that you require a curved stairlift or straight stairlift there are two option available to you. First you can purchase a reconditioned or second hand stair lift. This is very feasible when purchasing a straight lift as they are usually more common and of standard fit. However, it is fairly unlikely that you will find a reconditioned stairlift that will perfectly fit your stairs. The second option is to purchase a new stairlift.

Buying a new stairlift.

When buying a new stairlift it is important to obtain at least three quotes to ensure you are getting value for money. The quote may vary considerably, but also consider other factors such as warranty offered, service backup, when the stairlift can be installed. Check out the companies credential such as how long have they been trading for, customer testimonials, company knowledge etc. Do not be pressured into buying on the day, take the information they offer and quote and take time thinking about it. Don’t rush.

If you live near the retailers it may be possible to visit their showroom and try the lift you are interested in, ensuring it is comfortable and easy to control.


Once you stairlift has been installed then you need to consider regular servicing and maintenance. As with any mechanical product with moving parts wear and tear will occur. Hence it is important to service regularly to ensure everything is in good working order and safe. The company from which you are purchasing the lift may be able to offer a maintenance package to complement the warranty. In some cases they will insist the stair lift is serviced to validate the warranty. Most warranties are for one year, but you can purchase entered warranties. Remember you do not have to purchase extended warranties for the company from which you purchased the stair lift. Shop around you may get a better deal.

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To Choose An Online University Degree Program That Will Actually Help Your Career
author:Hal McIver
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

Undoubtedly, an online degree can further your career aspirations. However, choosing a program can be a confusing process. One way of identifying a suitable program is to list your goals and then go through the listed programs carefully to see which one meets your list best. It also helps to peruse the feedback from students who have successfully acquired their degree from institution to see how others have benefited from the listed programs.
There are many universities offering different programs. Doing some research of the official websites of the many universities, colleges, and schools offering online degree courses might be particularly helpful to see which institution and program suit your time and work schedule. It is also important to ensure that the university program and the university itself is accredited and recognized by the industry. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. You might want to consider the University of Phoenix since it is both trusted and accredited. In fact, an online education from the University of Phoenix qualifies for most employer reimbursement plans.
Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the University of Phoenix is trusted by students around the world to fulfill their career goals. The university has been able to meet the students’ expectations owing to:
1. Its policy to continually update courses to meet industry requirements and growth.
2. Its emphasis on courses simulating real-world scenarios.
3. Its emphasis on application of learning material with assignments that encourage use of newfound skills.
The University’s has a large faculty and all members hold a master’s or doctoral degree and work in the fields they teach. The University of Phoenix ensures that the student’s marketability increases with each program that he or she undertakes.