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title:Becoming A Police
Officer, Firefighter & Postal Exam Just Became Easier
author:Donna Moran
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

With the economy the way it is today, large numbers of people, both young and old are looking for a long term career which has some stability. The most common of which are police officers, firefighters, and postal employees. In the past many of these job-seekers would merely fill out an application in order to take an entrance exam, and then blindly go take the exam without really knowing or having an idea what to expect. Some would purchase generic books from their local bookstores, only to find out that the material covered was not even close to their exam.
Well that all has changed thanks to a new innovative company. Enter CareerQuiz Inc. ( For a small charge CareerQuiz For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Inc. prepares its members for thousands of law enforcement exams, firefighter exams, and postal exams throughout the country. What makes CareerQuiz Inc. different from other similar businesses is that that they target the specific agency that you are applying for. Depending on the agency that the job-seeker is looker for, CareerQuiz Inc. presents that person with up-to-date study materials and online practice exams to assist the test taker come exam day.
According to Augie Caamano, Jr. founder of CareerQuiz Inc. “Apart from being our main business, there is a great sense of satisfaction to see all of these men and women completing our study programs and getting the positions they’re seeking. I enjoy reading e-mails from past members who have been sworn in to their agencies or accepted positions as a result of our online preparation programs.”
A look at quickly conveys to the visitor their commitment to online test preparation. The web portal quickly allows you to choose which field you are targeting, and depending on your selection directs you to one of three sites, either, or Once a selection is made you are instantly taken to that prep site to choose the actual agency you are targeting. and both list over 4,800 agencies for every state and territory in the U.S.
Caamano states “We would not have thousands of members throughout the country if we did not know the testing business. I’m so sure that we can help, that I offer every member a money back guarantee that they pass the exam on their first try. Therefore, our members have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by preparing for their respective exams at CareerQuiz Inc.”
For a modest one-time modest fee of only $24.95, CareerQuiz Inc. provides it’s members with hundreds of sample practice questions, along with test strategies and tips. They also provide all members the opportunity to communicate with past members who have already taken their entrance exam, and who may be able to provide better insight as to what to expect.
When asked if he would expand his service to other types of entrance exams, Caamano stated “We only want to prepare our members for exams that we know and have researched. Our subject matter experts carefully screen exams throughout the country so that our members have the best possible opportunity to pass that first critical step in the hiring process”.
For more information about preparing for the police officer, firefighter and postal exam. Be sure to visit CareerQuiz Inc. at
Donna Moran is the author of “Becoming A Police Officer Just Became Easier (2004)” mailto:[email protected]