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title:Distance Learni
ng Doctorate Degrees – What To Do After Your Masters Degree
author:Gina Sarento
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

Online education is becoming an increasingly popular method of earning a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. However, many schools are not also offering advanced degrees for master’s and doctoral degrees. A distance learning doctorate is an ideal solution for individuals who have a master’s degree already and do not have the time to go back to school full time. Most people with a higher education are already in the workforce and have stringent time commitments for personal and professional obligations. This can hamper someone from continuing their education but with the flexibility of online programs, this issue can be solved.
In order to attain a distance learning doctorate, you must have access to a computer and have an Internet connection. If you are not yet skilled in the basic functions of a computer and how to use the Internet, it is advisable to learn before starting classes. You will use this resource heavily, so you should have expert knowledge already. Most people already have sufficient knowledge of the For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Internet and computers since they are used so frequently in business today.
There are several methods for attaining a distance learning doctorate. Research various schools for their philosophies and curriculum before committing to a program. There are various approaches and one will likely suit you best. It is advisable to start a doctoral program at the same place you intend to complete it so there is no re working of existing work or credits that do not transfer. Take your time to research methods and choose one that will realistically suit your style of learning and time constraints.
One method to obtain a distance learning doctorate is a completely book free method that is custom made to your personal goals. This method brings you in contact with a professor who specializes in your field and will create a curriculum for those needs. The assignments are completely written and cover related topics in your field. You will need to research and write about a number of topics all relating to the industry in which you specialize. This is a viable option because you are learning practical applications for your business.
Another method is to utilize the distance learning doctorate curriculum to study and research with testing and thesis submissions. The majority of the work is done online but has a more structured course schedule. You will likely have detailed assignments and need to use books as well as do Internet research. Testing may be required at local affiliated testing centers that are located in your area. Some schools will even have a split curriculum where portions are on site and other portions are available online.
Traditional methods of learning are very sound; however, many people have too many responsibilities at work or in their personal lives to commit to the time involved in earning a doctorate degree. Colleges and universities have recognized this and have adapted distance learning doctorate programs to account for this. Accelerated and custom class curriculum account for work experience and knowledge to help speed the process. Utilizing technology, the schools offer comparable classes with the added convenience of working at your own pace from your own home.