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Look and Feel Young Even After 40 — Part 2

In part 1 of this article we uncovered why it is important to work for optimal health and fitness after 40 years of age. We also made the case to avoid substance abuse in our most productive mid-life years.
Furthermore, we noted our families and community really need our experienced insights over forty. In the second part of this article we discuss the nitty gritty of using diet, exercise, and some nutritional supplements to help us feel more youthful.
– Rebuild Your Body with Diet and Exercise
By now I am sure that we all have heard the bad news: there is an obesity epidemic in the United States. This health crisis without a doubt is exacerbated by our sedentary life style.
There are other reasons for our weight problems in the US. Our diet of fatty processed foods is also a culprit in our battle obesity.
Being over weight seems to accelerate the aging process. This is because being over weight seems to be related to the on-set of diseases associated with aging like diabetes, certain types of cancer, heart problems, and stokes.
There is hope in a good diet, supplements and exercise associated with weight loss can help reduce your aging process and make you feel much younger. I have found that exercise makes me feel much younger and increases my libido.
While it has been reported that hormones in men and women decline after forty, I have found that exercises like running makes me more energetic throughout the day. One of the most nagging problems however with running or other high impact aerobics is joint pain in the knees, ankles, and back.
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I am running about 3 miles a day and am slowly training for the 2006 NYC marathon, due in part to the great joint support and less pain I am experiencing associated with using Phosoplex. I also include a regiment of strength training (pushups, pull-ups, etc.) and flexibility like yoga and martial arts forms to resist the inflexibility associated with aging.
If you are having problems loosing the weight with exercise cut down on simple sugars, pastas, and starches. Also eat more lean protein sources like fish and broiled chicken without the skin. Look into eating more stemmed vegetables, drinking more water and less soda and juices. Perhaps products like Zyroxin and especially Zalestra for weight loss in pre-menopausal women would also be good to for you to consider.
Lastly, after losing those extra pounds we all want to put our best face forward in looking great. Unfortunately nature does not always cooperate. According to the Seattle Times Study as we age we experience the beginnings of crow’s feet, laugh lines, and potbellies.
It also states that our Skin cells divide more slowing, causing the skin to thin. Wrinkles form around the eyes and mouth. More than 3 million people ages 35 to 50 had a cosmetic procedure last year in the U.S.
I notice that as I age I find older women with character lines more attractive. However if you feel you want to smooth out the few wrinkles on your face why chance expensive and serious surgery or Botox injections (a product related to the biological warfare agent botulism)? Consider trying some over the counter products like Rejuvinol, which fights wrinkles while it moisturizes and helps protect your skin. Don’t put yourself at risk to look younger.
For Further information for supplements like Phosoplex, Rejuvinol, and Zalestra you can visit or… .
Always remember to consult with a fitness and health professional first before entering into any kind of weight, diet, or health program.
This article is for general information purposes only. Your ultimate health, fitness, and diet program will depend on your personal goals, abilities, and objectives after consulting with your doctor or health professional.