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Traditional Medicine For Acne And Its Side Effects

If you are thinking why acne affects only you, you are terribly wrong. Acne is the most widespread skin disorder in the world, according to statistics. That’s the reason why experts and laboratories spend a lot of time doing research to determine how acne forms and how it is eliminated. Different treatments, medicines, and products have been produced to help control and eliminate this skin disorder.
In traditional medicine there are about 7 different treatments that are used in prevention and elimination of acne. There are also much different products that use these treatments in one way or another.
Some of these acne treatments that help to reduce or eliminate acne problems are: Accutane, antibiotics, Benzoyl Peroxide, herbal remedies, Retin-A and Salicylic Acid, among others.
Accutane (Isotetinoin) is a powerful drug that is normally prescribed for severe acne in cases where other treatments have failed to work. It is normally taken for a 4-6-month period.
Antibiotics were designed to fight bacteria. These are used to control acne mainly from the inside. Some topical antibiotics (clindamycin) are applied directly to the skin. Other antibiotics (tetracycline) are in pill form.
Benzoyl Peroxide is an anti-bacterial agent that has been used to control acne for many years. It has been proven to work very well in the elimination and prevention of acne.
Herbal Remedies are a relative newcomer to mainstream acne fighting. It is thought that certain herbs are effective in regulating oil levels and other body functions that are cause of acne.
Retin-A (tretinoin) is a combination of retinoic acid and vitamin A acid. It was designed to treat acne, sun damage, and wrinkles. It unplugs follicles and turnovers over dead skin cells.
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If your acne has not improved within two to three months, your treatment may need to be changed. In these case you must also visit your dermatologist who, according to the type of acne and providing an updated history of what you are using on your skin or taking internally, will indicate the right new treatment.
Indeed, there are no nippy fixes in treating acne and acne scars. It may involve a lot of processes and products which may vary depending on how you will utilize them or what your doctor will prescribe.
Although, many of these acne treatments (even those that claim not to cause dryness) can still end up agitating your skin and causing more harm than good. Unfortunately, natural acne treatments are often just too weak to give people the results they need. Hopefully, there’s a new natural product that works like a skin regenerating activator.
Natural Bio Skin Care Cream is made with a natural substance gathered from a little creature that nature has endowed with the ability to repair his skin quickly when damaged, and to protect it from environmental hazards and pollution.
Bio Skin Care Cream is a gentler, yet most effective solution. It actually utilizes biological activators of skin growth factors collected from mucins produced by land snails to regenerate their own skin and shell when injured and to protect themselves from the sun and environmental hazards.
Now, for the first time, BIO SKIN CARE CREAM brings you an effective skin renewal product that incorporates natural skin renewal activators to gently exfoliate the worn out cells while at the same time triggering the reproduction of new collagen and elastin cells, resulting in a coordinated biological regulation of the skin renewal process and thus advanced skin rejuvenation.